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Anhui Coreach Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd
Tianmen Hu Industrial Park plant No. 2#Workshop,jinxiu road ,Economic-Technological Development Zones,hefei
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Anhui Coreach Electronic Technology(Shenzhen) Limited
24th floor, HuiChao Technology Building,Jinhai Road Xixiang,Baoan District,Shenzhen
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Brand culture

Adhering " market-oriented , technology for the protection of " business ideas


1  Corporate Social Responsibility:
     Since the founding of the company in Hong Kong comfortable, always depending on social responsibility, to lay a solid foundation for the company to go international, so adhere to the following principles of corporate social responsibility.
      1.1   The company actively promote within the scope of the impact of energy and put into daily action in accordance with their requirements;
      1.2   In various ways to respect each one serving staff, suppliers, customers;
      1.3   Effective guarantee and the formation of the internal organizations (eg: trade unions) to ensure that the demands of the relevant communication;
      1.4   To eliminate any form of forced labor;
      1.5   Eliminate the use of minors, particularly child labor;
      1.6   Fair, just and equal treatment for everyone, not to engage in discrimination against any job, region, gender, etc., of;
      1.7   Attention to environmental protection, to promote environmental protection, environmental protection is everyone's responsibility to do;
      1.8   Positive, proactive maintenance environment, in strict accordance with ISO14000 system requirements;
      1.9   Purify the social atmosphere, to take measures to put an end to the strong take any form of bribery and so decadent, degenerate behavior.

2  The company's social responsibility to reflect
      2.1   To run, manage the company, the company stronger, bigger, so long;
      2.2   All management practices ethical and legal norms;
      2.3   Make the necessary investment in social welfare;
      2.4   Necessary philanthropy;
      2.5   Consciously safeguard the living and working environment.